I-PAT special features  

 The International Programming 
 Aptitude Test (I-PAT) is suitable for testing
 the aptitude of programmer trainees and 
 experienced applicants registering for 
 computer-related courses.

 Absolutely no prior computer experience or 
 course needed for the candidate to write the 

 The purpose of this test is not to judge 
 specific programming knowledge of the 
 candidate.  Instead it evaluates a candidate's 
 aptitude and potential for programming.

 Results available within minutes.

 Tests candidate's ability at:

   - Procedure analysis & creation
   - Error detection
   - Instruction evaluation, table look-up 
     and data maintenance
   - Symbolic program creation
   - Technical specification interpretation
   - Logical problem solving

 Test validity information (content and 
 predictive) provided free to client.

 Only $50 each. A minimum order number
 is required.  Please inquire for further details.
 .  .

Takes only 2-3 hours (candidate 
progresses at own speed).

The report can be supplied to each 
candidate, or not, at the discretion 
of purchaser. 

Excellent for career counseling or 
initial "screening" of students.

Tests scored by client (the educational 
institution), results available the same day.