The scoring for the I-PAT is weighted such that 
 the total for the whole test is 100. By job criteria, 
 the weighting is broken down from heaviest to 
 lightest to reflect the following ranking: 

  - logical ability 
  - problem solving ability using reasoning with 
  - ability to follow instructions precisely 
  - interpretation of intricate specifications 
  - accuracy 
  - attention to detail


 The first question requires the individual to  
 follow procedures regarding common banking 
 processes. The candidate must then answer 
 four specific questions regarding the procedures. 
 The intent is to assess the candidate's 
 procedural ability.

 The second question requires the individual to 
 correctly structure commands into a coherent 
 procedure. Here the candidate must understand 
 specific instructions and place them in a correct 
 order to generate a problem solution.

 The third question ascertains the person's 
 ability to follow instructions precisely and 
 interpret specifications. The individual must 
 analyze a series of symbols and identify 
 "syntax" errors, and other problems that 
 don't meet the specifications.

 The fourth question is the most 
 taxing with respect to understanding 
 intricate specifications.The individual 
 must analyze instructions, perform 
 table look-up, and manipulate data, 
 in order to generate problem solutions.

 The fifth, and most difficult problem, 
 requires the candidate to utilize symbols 
 to generate a program solution.The 
 purpose of the question is to determinate 
 if the individual can actually create a 
 symbolic program. 

 The sixth question analyzes the 
 candidate's concentration and 
 accuracy characteristics by having 
 the individual solve progressively 
 difficult expressions according to 
 predefined technical specifications.

 The seventh question examines the 
 candidate's pure logic and reasoning 
 ability -- two essential job skills for 
 computer programming.

 The total raw score is tabulated out 
 of 100, the percentile is obtained 
 against a norm group of 500 entry-level 
 applicants, and the overall evaluation is