To evaluate a candidate's aptitude and 
 potential for programming. Ideally suited 
 as a pre-screening test for educational 
 institutions. The client must be an education 
 professional and not an individual student.

 We offer the International Programming 
 Aptitude Test (I-PAT) for all educational 
 institutions interested  in "screening" 
 potential students enrolling in Information  
 Technology courses. 

 Alternatively, this test is invaluable for 
 supplying career counseling or guidance 
 services to potential computer technology 
 applicants who are "unsure" of their abilities 
 in this field. This low cost test can be 
 graded by you and takes only 2-3 hours of 
 the candidate's time (administration is trivial). 
 The test answers the question "How good a 
 programmer-Information Technology person 
 is the candidate likely to be and why?" 
     - Logical ability
     - Interpretation of specifications
     - Attention to detail
     - Accuracy
     - Reasoning with symbols

      The test is not education-oriented; nor 
      is it a speed test. High school graduates 
      with better logical skills will do better on 
      the I-PAT than college graduates who do 
      not demonstrate the same level of prec-
      ision reasoning skills.


     - Entry-level candidates 
       (no prior experience or 
       education with computers)
     - Computer trainees
     - Computer Science graduates
     - Experienced applicants 
       (pre-screening only)