Name of Candidate: Jane Smith 


 OVERALL RATING:  Strongly Recommended  
Logical, Analytical and Problem Solving

 The first problem required the individual to 
 understand a detailed banking procedure 
 and to follow an established pattern before 
 answering specific questions. The goal was 
 to evaluate the person's ability at procedure 
 analysis; an important skill in applications 
 programming. This candidate scored 6 out 
 of 8 points for problem one. 

 In problem two, six statements had to be 
 placed in the proper sequence in order to 
 create a valid procedure. This person achieved 
 10 out of 12 points. When considering both 
 the aforementioned results, this candidate 
 demonstrated above average ability at 
 working with procedures.

 Next, the individual was provided with specific 
 rules that had to be followed when evaluating 
 six series of predefined symbols. When asked 
 to detect errors, this candidate scored 18 out 
 of a possible 18 points, which was excellent.

 Problem four tested one's ability at 
 instruction evaluation, table look-up 
 and data manipulation. Several seven 
 digit expressions, that simulated 
 computer instructions, had to be analyzed 
 in order to generate new numeric values. 
 This person scored 16 out of 18 points 
 which indicated an above average potential 
 for comprehending computer functions.

 The next problem required the candidate 
 to create symbolic, computer-like 
 instructions in order to send a fictitious 
 spaceship to the correct destination. 
 The intent of this question was to analyze 
 the candidate's potential success at 
 utilizing established computer languages 
 in system solutions. This person scored 
 15 out of 15 points which was superior.

 The sixth problem tested the candidate's 
 concentration and accuracy characteristics 
 by having the individual solve progressively 
 difficult expressions according to technical 
 specifications, this person scored 13 out of 
 17 points which was high average.

 The last computer-related problem required 
 the candidate to develop a concrete solution 
 from four related facts that were provided. 
 Out of a possible 12 points, this person 
 scored 10 which demonstrated above 
 average logic and reasoning ability.


 Overall, this candidate's computer-related 
 skills are above average.