The IPAT evaluates those skills and abilities necessary for successful programming 
 including creating symbolic code. This question will examine your attention to detail, 
 logical ability and capability at comprehending and following instructions. (It is not 
 contained in the actual test, but provides insight into types of questions contained in 
 an aptitude test of this nature).


 The six cards shown below were turned face down, "shuffled" (i.e.. re-arranged), and 
 put in a pile, one on top of each other. Each card has an obvious numeric value. In 
 addition, the "J", "Q", and "K" have values of 11, 12, and 13 respectively. make use 
 of the information provided in the specifications to determine each card's position in 
 the pile (top to bottom).

 1. The seven is somewhere above the "Q".
 2. The heart is somewhere above the spade.
 3. A three is directly above the six.
 4. One red card is directly on top of the other.
 5. A black card is on the very top.
 6. The bottom card's value is the sum of three other face down cards.